Wednesday, April 2, 2014

          A middle school teacher does not really measure up to a Fashion designer. a middle school teacher falls under Human Services and little but but not really a fashion designer.There mostly diffrenet. There intrest are very diffrenet A teacher has intrest in teaching working with children and training. A fashion designer has intrest in enterprising Realistic and artistic. Their skills and abilities are kind of the same by active listening active thinking. The diffrences in that are desgin and english language production and processing for the fashion designer. For the middle school teacher there is explaining presenting teaching advanced reading. There tools and technology have one thing in comman and that is uesing some modren technology. Both of these jobs need on the job training before you can just become them.There education both require a high school diploma. There work styles have a couple things in common stress tolarnce and attention to detail. These diffrences mean to me that i will probably never become a fashion designer because i am not good at alot of the things they require rather than a teacher where i am. This does not make me want to change my career in any way  i will never be a fashion desiger. 

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