Friday, April 4, 2014

      My two careers in architecture and construction are really alike eventhough there names have nothing to do with each other. My careers were a Roofer and Mechanical door repair. They use alot of the same tools and technology such as ladders hammers and  spreadsheet softwares. There knowlege skills and abilities are alike by being a critail thinker active listener have coordination arm hand steadiness and gross body strength. They also need to know how to mage time and moritor tings and people. There intest are both realistic. They both need on the job training before becoming either on of this things. There education is high school diploma and some collage. Even there wedges are about the same at $36,000. There work style are attention o detail leadership self control coordination and indepdence. There wok values are also the smae at working condintaions and independece.

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